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Nature’s Pharmacy

February 2, 2009

flower pharmacy

in preparation for the beautiful days of spring, the earth begins to fill up with rich colorful vegitation and flowers . if you put aside the pleasure of just seeing all this,some of them have great medicinal use. here’s a short review of medicinal traits for unprotected wild flowers.

Decorated Chrysanthemum

The same common yellow chrysanthemum , that is very common in many countries.
the chrysanthemum is aseasonal weed, that belongs to the ‘complex’ familly and the traits
that it has is the abillity to lower fever and rearrange the monthly period of women.

springtime yellow-weed

the yellow weed blooms between the months of february and may, after a the bloom period it wraps itself with leaves that look alittle like white hairs. the yellow-weed is aseasonal weed from the ‘complex’ familly and the traits belonging to it are , easing constipation, stomache ache and sometimes it may even stimulate regurgitation

Josh Mitchel,
Flowers In Medicine

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