March 9, 2009

passiflora flowerPassiflora is a type from the Passiflora ceae family
that holds over 200 species within it, and endless
variations and hybrids.most species of this type are climbers,whilst someexist that are bushy and some that
are leafy.

whilst most of these species are ornamental, there are a few speciesgrown for usage in cooking.
the most common species and most familliar amongst these are passion flowers.

most of the ornamental passiflora have a unique flower build, which needs
the big bee for efficient pollination. in tropic america, wooden poles are
are set and arroused in a nearby place to the plantations , in order to
incourage tree bee’s to nest and pollinate the passiflora.

Josh Mitchelle,
Flowers in Medicine

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March 4, 2009

The filipendula is a common wild plant which grows in europe and some parts of asia. the top components of the plant use for making tinkture.
essences of filipendula have demonstrated an antiulcer activity in avariety of experimental ulcer processes, amongst them also ones that have been caused by aspirin and ethanol.

Josh Mitchel,
Flowers in Medicine

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March 4, 2009

Echinacea is one of the bestselling medicinal plants sold today in
the united states. species of echinacea are originated from native
indian culture,most research on the plant ,however, is conducted in
germany and not in the united states.

the new settlers of america have learned the use of echinacea from
the indians, in germany the echinacea has turned popular only in
the begining of the 20th century.

the indians used the echinacea as a treatment for snake bites – this use
granted the root of echinacea it’s nickname – “Snake Root” . also credited
for this name were the physical properties of the root which was of black
and thick diameter. the indians also used the root to treat other stings.

Josh Mitchel,
Flowers in Medicine

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Gentian Flower

March 4, 2009

gentian-flowerThe gentian is originated from the mountain areas of europe.
it is considered to be one of the most bitter tasting plants
ever found,and as such it is used in modern herbal medicine as a
digestion stimulator. it is associated with medium level effect.

the medicinal use of this plant lies in its root’s. it increases
apetite, stumilates bitterness and digestion and also may be used
as a mild laxative.

there are no known side effects; over dose may result in nausea and in
some rare cases regurgitation; one must be extremley cautious when treating
people who suffer from peptic ulcers or excess acidity in the loins.

Josh Mitchel,
Flowers in Medicine

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Camomile Flower

March 3, 2009


Camomile is a plant from the complex type family,it is fragrant,annual and is commonly used for making tea (amongst many other uses). some associate it with properties of medicinal plants.

the camomile is a wild plant that flowers in spring time. the height of the plant varies between 15 to 50 centimeters, the flower is either white or yellow has very special and pleasent aroma. even back in the ancient days the camomile was used for medicine and today as well it has been used
by modern medicine.

the camomile contains an essence of etherical oil produced by special distillation
and has other valuable properties and disinfectio mechanisms against insects and
other pests.

Josh Mitchel,
Flowers in Medicine

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Bach Flowers

February 25, 2009

Bach FlowersThe method of treatment with bach flowers was developed by dr eduard bach, a doctor in general medicine, he was born in 1886 and was the first person to reach the conclusion that mood,feelings,sensations and mental states are the main cause of all diseases.

doctor eduard bach understood that he managed to treat a symptom but not to solve the cause for the problem, he realized he should find
something to stimulate the cause of the problem and even solve it
once and for all.

and so, the doctor went to see homeopathy and pharmacy. in the primary years he researched and sorted essences from diffrent flowers and checked they’re effect on diffrent moods. he came by the idea of using flowers substances after checking a variety of folk remedies, that had been in medical use at the time. at first he developed 12 flower essences that received the name : “the 12 healers”,the rest of the essences he called medicine and only in the begining of the 30’s,after years of research,the doctor developed the final kit of essences that is known to us today as the
38 essences.

Josh Mitchelle,
Flower in Medicine
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Nature’s Pharmacy

February 2, 2009

flower pharmacy

in preparation for the beautiful days of spring, the earth begins to fill up with rich colorful vegitation and flowers . if you put aside the pleasure of just seeing all this,some of them have great medicinal use. here’s a short review of medicinal traits for unprotected wild flowers.

Decorated Chrysanthemum

The same common yellow chrysanthemum , that is very common in many countries.
the chrysanthemum is aseasonal weed, that belongs to the ‘complex’ familly and the traits
that it has is the abillity to lower fever and rearrange the monthly period of women.

springtime yellow-weed

the yellow weed blooms between the months of february and may, after a the bloom period it wraps itself with leaves that look alittle like white hairs. the yellow-weed is aseasonal weed from the ‘complex’ familly and the traits belonging to it are , easing constipation, stomache ache and sometimes it may even stimulate regurgitation

Josh Mitchel,
Flowers In Medicine

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Welcome to ‘Flowers in Medicine’

February 1, 2009

Flower Remedies

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welcome to ‘Flowers in Medicine’.
the blog that brings you florists and flower heads all the info
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Josh Mitchel,
Flowers In Medicine

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